Will NBC score True Detective hit with Manhunt?


The hit HBO series True Detective has spun off a lot of other shows that are completely unrelated to it, but so far none have been hits. FX had Fargo but that was in development long before True Detective aired and is of some of the highest quality television out there.

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NBC thinks it might have a True Detective hit on its hands with Manhunt, a series that will spend entire seasons trying to solve crimes committed by fugitives running loose in a city. The show, based on it’s premise, has all the makings to be a True Detective style show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will focus on the manhunt for a fugitive and will see potentially dark themes represented on NBC.

"Each season of Manhunt, which will be directed by Gavin Hood (Oscar-winning film Tsotsi), will dramatize the mounting tension of an entire city on the hunt for a fugitive roaming the streets at large. It will examine the moment an American or international city becomes a police state, a war zone or a ground zero and the ensuing bloodlust it inspires."

It’s not that NBC is ripping off True Detective, it’s just that there’s a formula to be followed that may turn out the same results as True Detective did and that’s what NBC might have here with Manhunt.