Can True Detective Work With More Than One Director?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is coming down the pike but things are going to look much different than they did in the first season. While the first season saw only one director and one writer for all eight episodes, this new season will see the show hand off to multiple directors on the one set of scripts, which should be interesting to say the least.

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But one of the charms of the first season was that Cary Fukunaga’s direction of the show was Emmy award winning stuff and while he and Nic Pizzolatto clashed at times — at least allegedly — there is the thinking that one director helped create a singular flow to the series.

That is all gone now with multiple directors, but is it really going to be that different?

Shows use multiple directors all the time and rarely fall into traps that can be set. Breaking Bad beat out True Detective for the Emmy Award and that’s a show that didn’t stick with one director throughout entire seasons, so what can the harm really be? Maybe it’s just that True Detective is so different that more is expected of the show, but having multiple directors is a tricky situation to be and it’s looking like season two will either have a drastically different tone and style to it or it will be a bit messy to take in.