Norwegian Awards show spoofs True Detective (Video)


The second season of True Detective isn’t quite here yet but there are still many who are looking back at the first season to either get caught up or take it all in again. But while the show isn’t on, the void left is allowing for some pretty creative folks to come in and try and get their licks in while the creative juices are flowing.

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That was the case for a Norwegian awards show, as they took the time to spoof True Detective in a hilariously creative way.

Check out the awesome video below, as it’s funny in just about any language:

What this proves is not only does the show still have a broad appeal to those who want to parody it, but it has a global enough reach that a Norwegian awards show can parody the series and everyone in the world will get it.

That’s pretty powerful right there, as it shows just how massive True Detective still is. The show has eclipsed all of the expectations the series had when the things started out back in January 2014 as the show has grown into something so much bigger and phenomenal than anyone could have predicted.