True Detective Coming to Amazon Instant Video?


HBO Go is obviously the number one current outlet to stream True Detective, which is nice since it comes with every HBO subscription. For those without HBO, the streaming situation gets a little more dicey. Netflix and HBO streaming don’t really get along, although the discs are currently available for those with plans that include that option.

As is currently public knowledge, Amazon and HBO recently struck a deal that allowed for the full streaming of many classic series and the first season of other popular current ones. True Detective was not part of that deal. It’s also worth noting that other currently noteworthy shows, such as Veep and Game of Thrones, are available for digital purchase but not for free Prime streaming.

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It would appear that HBO is keeping its most critically acclaimed currently airing seasons close to the chest. As of now, True Detective isn’t even available for digital purchase on Amazon.

While it’s likely that we will see True Detective on Amazon digitally at some point — probably sometime before the new season — it’s likely going to be quite a while before it joins the rank of free streaming.

For those of you with Amazon Prime currently hanging on in the hopes of seeing True Detective pop up on the service, it’ll likely get their eventually. But it wouldn’t be wise to hold your breath.