True Detective Fans Need to Stop Hating on Justin Lin


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective hasn’t even begun production yet and already there are fans hating on rumored directorial choice Justin Lin.

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Lin has made a name for himself on the Fast and Furious films of late, which is good for his action film reel and box office appeal but bad for fans of True detective with narrow minds. Yes, his biggest films have been action films that have nothing at all to do with the type of arthouse drama that True Detective thrives off of, but since when did we become such a judgmental group?

Cary Fukunaga hadn’t popped as a director when he took on True Detective, so where were the cries that we were going to get a romance series in the ilk of Jayne Eyre? Lin is a major Hollywood director for a reason and those hating on his involvement int he Fast and Furious films need to realize the most important thing about those movies — they’re good.

The fourth installment in the franchise was hit-and-miss but the fifth and sixth films turned the car racing franchise into an action series and that’s all on Lin. So if you’re going to hate on him for doing action, let’s at least credit him for doing it right and turning a franchise around.

That doesn’t mean he’s going to be an award winning director on True Detective but it does mean that he deserves a break and the benefit of the doubt when it comes to how well he’s going to direct a series he’s not even officially attached to yet.