Will California Setting Work for True Detective?


The second season of True Detective is expected to start production this month, but the start of production has fans wondering what will work and what won’t for the new season of the show. One aspect of the series that is new is the setting, as things are moving out of Louisiana and out west to California — a move that is already being analyzed by fans of the series.

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Louisiana has it’s own special little backwoods feel to it, which gave the first season a certain aura that helped play into the creepiness of the show. That’s something that many are wondering if it will translate into the second season as California is not Louisiana but it can be just as creepy.

First off, the series will not be going to Los Angeles or any of the major Californian cities to shoot and if there are scenes there they will more than likely be brief in nature. The bulk of the series will take place in the creepy no-man’s land of California, or at least that’s what is being implied.

If the series is indeed moving to a 1950s setting, then that will make these nuclear fallout settings even more creepy and even more real, as they exist and they’re pretty barren. But we don’t know enough about the show to judge at the moment, and that means no matter where the series goes, things will likely stay just as creepy as they are right now.