Elisabeth Moss is Flattered to be Mentioned with True Detective


The second season of True Detective is set to begin production this season and it’s something that has fans getting restless with anticipation.

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One name that has been circling potentially joining the cast is Elisabeth Moss, but she’s playing coy about her involvement in the series.

Moss told the New York Post that while she’s not going to admit she’ in on the new season of true Detective, she wouldn’t be opposed to taking a role on the show.

"“It’s time for a good female part. It’s hard to get sick of something that’s super flattering,” Moss said. “But they are just rumors. Everyone knows more about it than I do, apparently! But it’s nice to have your name mentioned for anything, especially something so good.”"

The cast of the show hasn’t been announced yet and it likely won’t be until the very last moment. But while Moss is looking to avoid questions about True Detective, her playing coy seems to be only fueling rumors that she’ll be joining the cast. There’s no guarantee that she is, but Moss would be an amazing addition to the cast and the announcement is something that True Detective fans are waiting on pins and needles for.