Would True Detective Finally Make Rachel McAdams Into a Star?


With the second season of True Detective ready to begin production this month, or at least set to start, there are many questions being asked about the cast and who will be involved.

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One name that has begun to be mentioned more and more with the cast is Rachel McAdams. Right now Elisabeth Moss is projected to be a part o the cast but only recently did McAdams come up as a possible replacement for her in the new season of the show.

So this begs the question of if Rachel McAdams is perfect for True Detective or not — which she very much is.

Not only is she a talented actress, but she hasn’t yet been given a tole that helps her pop. That could be True Detective as just like veteran actors wait for that role Quentin Tarantino wants to throw them to revive their careers, True Detective may be viewed as a way to get into the A-List echelon of Hollywood. It revived the career of Matthew McConaughey, gave Woody Harrelson one of his finest roles and may be something that can help revive the career of Rachel McAdams.

It’s not a certainty that she’s even going to be on the show, but if she is we could finally see her pop in the biggest way possible.