Does True Detective Soundtrack Define a Location?


There are a million questions that could be asked about True Detective but one of the more interesting questions is how the soundtrack to the show effects the location the show is set and vice versa. While we have a very synthetic score for the first season of the show — when it even showed up at all — the pulsing beats that were created helped give the show a metallic feel that bounced off the setting of the show.

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So what would a soundtrack set in California sound like, and what will future soundtracks sound like based on their setting? The location of the show doesn’t seem to be something that many think factors into the the overall story but it’s something that is just as important as the soundtrack.

Each one bounces off each other and they forge together to create an interesting bond that adds levels of depth to the story. That’s why the soundtrack is so crucial to the series and to films in general, and proof that the location defines the soundtrack and vice versa can be seen all over the first season of the show.

Hopefully that’s a trend that continues, as the importance of location and soundtrack going hand in hand can’t be stressed enough.