Can True Detective Cast fans be mad about no cast announcement?


Fans of True Detective are getting restless and that’s all thanks to there being absolutely no news to report about the cast of the show. Despite there being all this news about production supposedly starting up this month, there has been nothing to show for the cast and that’s just downright frustrating.

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Television fans like the ones for True Detective are a rabid bunch and when things don’t go their way they tend to get in a crabby mood. But this time that crabby mood may be justified as all we really want is some consistency out of True Detective and so far we’ve had none.

It’s almost like HBO knows they need to make a second season but are waiting until the night before their homework is due to write it.

That might just be the crabby fan in me who wants to see new episodes without understanding that crafting a show like True Detective is a process. But it just feels like everyone is dragging their feet and that’s something that is giving fans the right to be mad — even if we’re all being big cry babies about it in the end.