True Detective Season 2: Will first season stars return?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective has big shoes to fill when it comes to living up to what the first season did, and that’s a lot easier said and thought than actually done. But while the second season is starting to look more and more like it’s own original season, there are many wondering if there might be any chance for it to connect back to season one.

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So far, no cast whatsoever has been announced for True Detective meaning that at this point anything is possible. But even after the cast is announced there is going to be a chance that the first season cast is brought back in some capacity.

Matthew McConaughey might not be back this upcoming season but there’s a possibility that some of the smaller characters might be back to sort of tie the universe together. That being said, we could be dealing with two different time periods and that might throw things off, but then again American Horror Story uses the same actors over and over again in new roles which opens up the possibility of the show copying that format.

It might not be the best move ever but the series could use some familiarity and even just tossing in some of the smaller actors in small roles could be a cool nod to the first season without directly connecting things.