What is True Detective Season 2 About?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is right around the corner and with it is going to come plenty of amazing moments that fans of the show will love — at least that’s the hope. The other hope is that the series will be able to play off the success of the first season and come up with a story just as good and just as engaging, which is a lot easier said than done.

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But as much as fans want to know what the new season is going be about. That’s a key question that many fans have and it’s completely valid too. What the second season will be about is going to be key in either winning new fans over or getting fans of the series now to love the show even more.

We know the basic premise of the second season, as it’s going to focus on the occult in the the public transportation system of California. That sounds pretty far out, to say the least, but it’s not all that insightful when thinking about what the storylines will be about.

It’s unlikely that the show will be derivative of the first season, but there’s a chance that could happen. Still, there’s a lot of hope for season two and that all starts with what the story will be about.