When Will True Detective Season 2 Air on HBO?


There are things you need to know about the new season of True Detective and then there are things that we want to know but can’t be told at the moment. One of the biggest questions fans have that cannot be answered right now is when the show will air, as that remains a mystery to everyone — probably even at HBO.

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Last year, True Detective had an air date of January 2014 with the series wrapping up the first season in March. This time around thought, things are a bit drawn out as the early 2015 premiere date fans were hoping for is not going to be met. Instead, the series will be waiting until the summer of 2015 to air it’s second season which is just going to complicate feelings that fans have.

True Detective fans love their show, and they want it as soon as possible. The problem with this season is that tings seem to be delayed left and right as there will be over a year between episodes of True Detective when the show airs, which is not what anyone wants.

Still, the show has a tentative premiere date which is a lot more than we thought we’d get at this point which is either a relief or proof that this season might be in trouble before it even starts.