Report: Elisabeth Moss ‘unlikely’ to star in True Detective


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is starting to find it’s cast but so far no announcements have been made on who will actually star in the series.

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And before you rattle off the list of names we’ve all heard a million times — that list isn’t concrete at all. Evidence of that is seen in Elisabeth Moss going from being a sure-fire lock to be in the show to now seemingly dropping out of contention for another opportunity.

According to Vulture, Moss is now unlikely to star in True Detective thanks to her being cast in the Broadway play The Heidi Chronicles.

"Moss had been in negotiations for the role since this spring, but now it’s a done deal, with the show scheduled to begin performances in February. Given that timeline, it now seems unlikely that Moss will be one of the leads on the second season of True Detective, but if you really want to see her in a murder show, you can still watch Top of the Lake."

To be fair to Moss, being in a Broadway play is a pretty big deal and one of the few things you can say you’re doing in order to get out of having to pass on True Detective. What this now means is that the rumors of Rachel McAdams being involved in the cast could come true as the reason for her name being brought up could have been that the producers of True Detective moved on from Moss upon hearing whispers she is taking on this play.