HBO Go to make True Detective available without subscription?


One of the best ways to watch some of the best shows of the last 25 years is on HBO as hits like The Sopranos, The Wire, Oz, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones and so many more shows have graced the Home Box Office recently. But collecting the series can get pricey which is why HBO installed HBO Go to make sure fans got what they wanted when they wanted it.

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Thankfully for those Millennials who have severed the cable cord for good, Time Warner is ‘seriously considering’ making HBO Go available to viewers through it’s own separate subscription.

"So now the broadband opportunity is getting quite a bit bigger, and the ability of the plant to deliver something robust is getting stronger; and so the question you’re asking is becoming more viable, more interesting. What we’re trying to do is basically make sure that we’ve done everything we can with our distributors to take advantage and have them take advantage of what customers they could have. And we’ve got to keep looking actively. We’re seriously considering what is the best way to deal with online distribution, but I don’t have anything to announce about it today."

HBO Go is basically Netflix for just HBO shows, but fans of shows that are on the network but don’t have subscriptions to the channel will be thankful that HBO Go might become available to them anyways.