True Detective Season 2: Justin Lin and William Friedkin to tag team as directors?


The second season of the hit HBO series True Detective is going to eventually start production and when it does there are so far two directors rumored to be involved with the show.

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Justin Lin was the most recently announced name when it came to rumors of a second season director. Before him though, Oscar winning director William Friedkin was mentioned as possibly being a director for the new season. This now begs the question of if the two directors will be tag teaming the new season of the show.

There will be more than one director on the season, but there was never a specific amount given. This means that we could see just two directors all season long and those two directors could be Lin and Friedkin.

It’s an unconventional pairing but it’s one that could result in some major results for the second season. As good as the first season was, the second needs to distance itself as to not become derivative at any point. That’s why having Lin and Friedkin form some bizarre directing duo would not only be fun for film fans but also could do wonders for the second season of True Detective.