Is Colin Farrell out of True Detective casting rumors?


This week saw another massive True Detective rumor leak and it’s starting to get fans thinking about the future of the show and just how much we really know about the show. While the seven actresses listed as potential leads has been picked apart left and right, it raises a fundamental question that fans are starting to realize — do we have any idea just who the hell is in True Detective?

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On the female side of things we’ve gone from Elisabeth Moss being a lock to star in the show to Rachel McAdams giving her a run for her money to now neither of those two actresses being mentioned with the series. This begs the question, are the male leads as locked in as the female leads were?

More specifically, is Colin Farrell really the True Detective lead or is he just the hottest rumored name that can change at any second?

The uncertainty around the female lead suggests that we know nothing about the True Detective case and won’t until it’s announced. Production is set to pick up this month but with no cast and a lot of confusion, there’s a good chance that we see the sort of casting mixup we saw this week with the seven lead female actresses on the male side of things too.