True Detetive Season 2 Cast: Jessica Biel up for lead role


This week saw yet another massive True Detective rumor leak and it’s something that has fans all over excited to see what’s next for the series. While it seems certain that Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn are plugged in for the three male leads, the question of who will play the female lead has come up and it got complicated this week.

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Jeff Snieder from The Wrap revealed seven actresses who are on a short-list to play the female lead on True Detective and among those names is actress Jessica Biel.

Biel is best remembered for her role on 7th Heaven but has since branched out hard into blockbuster films and romantic comedies. She’s not always been the strongest choice for the roles she’s had but there’s  no doubting the ambition of Justin Timberlake’s wife.

Should she join the True Detective cast — and mind you, nothing is certain at this point — it would be a bit of truly inspired casting that could pay off big. Biel isn’t seen as a ‘serious’ actor, and proof of this is fans scoffing at the mention of her name with True Detective.

But like it could for Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn, a role in True Detective could turn Biel’s career into something more than what it is and that right there is reason enough to root for her in the series.