Denis Leary would be be brilliant for True Detective


While the world waits for the True Detective cast to be announced, there are many fans thinking about a dream cast that includes some of their favorite actors and actresses. Of course, fans have no say in the final casting but it’s still fun to wonder and think.

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One actor who would be brilliant for True Detective and could add a unique and often time humorous edge is Denis Leary. He’s demonstrated his talents on Rescue Me that he can be both a serious actor and a comedic actor all at the same time and using those talents on True Detective could be brilliant.

Imagine him not as a lead but a supporting character — like a captain who is always busting away at the main characters as they try to solve this case. Maybe he’s in on it, maybe his bullheadedness is getting in the way. No matter what, Leary using his crackling humor in the show could serve up a nice slice of originality that the second season could need.

He missed out on playing the Mark Wahlberg role in The Departed — a role that would have secured him the same Oscar nomination it did Wahlberg — and this may be his chance to get that back. Not only that, but Rescue Me was continually snubbed at the Emmys, so this too could be Leary’s chance at redemption while also turning in a role he could be born for.