Does an A-list Cast Limit True Detective?


True Detective’s first season garnered much attention for casting A-list stars in lead roles and the second season is looking to do just the same. Even though a cast of stars brings attention and prestige, it does place a sort of limit on multiple aspects of the show.

For instance, scheduling. If creator Nic Pizzolatto and HBO weren’t intent on casting mainstream talent it’s possible that production would speed up. It can be difficult trying to negotiate the schedules of popular movie stars and that can put a hold on things. It would be surprising if scheduling conflicts have not already arisen within the True Detective bunker.

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With the attention that Matthew McConaughey has gotten from his performance as Rust, True Detective is turning out to be a place where actors can prove themselves even if they’re already successful. Before True Detective there were many people who were unable to take McConaughey seriously, but the tables have certainly turned on that one.

Most mainstream series — if they’re successful — offer an avenue for unknown actors to prove themselves to their peers.Many stars have come out of television. With a cast of major stars already, True Detective doesn’t exactly offer the same opportunity. Not necessarily a pro or a con, it is something interesting to keep in mind.

Are you happy to see established stars on True Detective, even with the possible production problems it could bring?