Can Colin Farrell win Emmy Award for True Detective?


With news that Colin Farrell has officially joined the cast of the hit HBO series True Detective, the speculation about the new season of the show has officially hit a new high. Farrell confirmed his role in the show this weekend but what does that man for True Detective in the long run?

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The Emmy Awards were unkind to True Detective this year, but that may have had more to do with the show picking a fight that was bigger than them than it did with the quality of the show. Matthew McConaughey was snubbed of an Emmy win, but he lost to Bryan Cranston for the final season of Breaking Bad, so let’s not riot in the streets over the loss.

But what Colin Farrell could provide is an opportunity for revenge, as he seems primed to go on an Emmy run of his own this upcoming season.

It’s not a guarantee that he’s going to bring Emmy-worthy material tot he table, but there’s a pretty good chance that he does. With the field watered down without Breaking Bad, it seems that there is a rather significant chance that Farrell can do what McConaughey failed to do and win an Emmy for the show.

Think about the potential competition: Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey, maybe someone from Game of Thrones and then no one else. There could be another surprise hit show like The Blacklist that lands someone like James Spader an Emmy nod in the Best Actor category, but there is little competition for Farrell to stand up against which means if he turns in the type of performance we think he’s capable of, it could result in Emmy gold.