Will True Detective premiere date change to earlier date?


There was big news in the world of True Detective this weekend as Colin Farrell confirmed his role on the show and that he would be a part of the next season on HBO. But while Farrell is dominating the headlines, there are other questions that still need to be answered.

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For starters, the release date of the show is slated to be in the summer of 2015, but there could be a chance that we get the show earlier than that. Farrell mentioned a ‘four to five month’ shoot, meaning if production picks up at the end of the month, shooting should wrap in February. Assuming that post is being done simultaneously with shooting, as it often time is, we could get the premiere episode of the show in April alongside Game of Thrones.

This seems to be not only rushing things though, but a bad strategy by HBO. Pairing Game of Thrones and True Detective would be like putting Michael Jordan and LeBron James on the same team in their prime — it’s just not fair. But it’s the epitome of putting all of your eggs in one basket as the best strategy would be to spread the shows out.

Of course, this is all assuming the show premieres earlier than the summer, which seems to be unlikely since only one cast member has been confirmed so far in production.