How many directors will direct True Detective Season 2 episodes?


The second season of the hit HBO show True Detective is going to start production next month but at the moment it only has one director something that is going to change in the near future.

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Justin Lin has been confirmed as directing the first two episodes of an eight episodes season but the big question being asked is who will direct the other half of the season.

At the moment we have no idea exactly how many directors will end up being attached to the show. All we do now is that we will have more than one director in more than just Lin directing the show.

Of all the information given this weekend from HBO about the second season of the show the exact number of directors was not among the bullet points. With two of the four lead roles filled the next topic of discussion will turn more and more to who will be helping direct the show.

Just like the cast of the show everyone has a wish list of who they would like to see join as director. But unlike the cast of the show we have no idea just how many slots there are to fill as beyond the one that has been we have absolutely no idea how many directors will be needed for an eight episode season. The current formula which has one director directing two episodes would suggest that for directors will be needed to fill out the quota of episodes.

That doesn’t mean that for directors will be used but it does open up a number of possibilities as to who could jump aboard and help guide the second season of True Detective.