Kate Mara, Ellen Page star in Tiny Detective (Video)


This weekend saw a slew of True Detective news some rolling down the hill at fans, and the buzz about the show just won’t go away. There are some who believe the new season of the show will be just as good if not better than the first season, and others who are less optimistic.

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There there are those who just want to join the parody party, which is where Funny or Die comes into play. Ellen Page and Kate Mara sent out a joke tweet earlier this summer that sparked rumors they were going to be joining the new season of True Detective.

Turns out all of that attention was for the wrong reason, as neither appearing in the show. But the tweet likely had something to do with the duo filming a True Detective spoof for Funny or Die.

Check it out below:

Tiny Detectives with Kate Mara and Ellen Page


Kate Mara

There was so much debate over whether or not Mara or Page were right for the show just because they sent out a tweet. That right there is hilarious in its own right, but this spoof takes it to another level.

This goes right up there with the Jimmy Kimmel spoof with Seth Rogen and the Ross Marquand AT&T spoof from earlier this year as solid parodies of True Detective.