True Detective Season 2: Michelle Forbes to join cast?


The cast of the second season for True Detective is starting to come together as the four lead roles seem as though they’ve been filled by Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams. What this means is that we’re likely going to be hearing the supporting cast get filled out in the near future.

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According to Rolling Stone, The Killing star Michelle Forbes is rumored to be up for a supporting role in True Detective season two as her name could be the first off the board for the supporting cast.

"Michelle Forbes, who appeared in the first season of The Killings, was also reportedly in talks to assume the other female lead, either as Semyon’s wife, or Velcoro’s ex-wife, a victim of sexual assault."

This isn’t a brand new rumor but it’s one that is worth revisiting now that the four lead roles seem to be filled. With just Rachel McAdams and Taylor Kitsch left to officially step forward and say they’re in the new season of the show, the rest of the casting news is going to be regarding smaller characters.

That’s where Forbes comes into the picture. She’s a genre veteran, which means she’ll fit smoothly into a role on the show and may add some much welcomed substance to the A-list cast being put together.