Could Jon Favreau help direct True Detective Season 2?


The second season of the hit HBO show True Detective is right around the corner and with the announcement of the new cast, many are wondering who will help step in as the second director of the show. Justin Lin is so fat the only guy confirmed for the show but he’s only directing the first two episodes.

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That’s where another director will have to step in and the list of names that fans want is as long as the list they had for the lead roles on the show.

With Vince Vaughn boarding the show though, Jon Favreau’s name has started to come up in some circles with regards to possibly directing the series. It would make sense for HBO to at least reach out to Faveau to gauge his interest in doing the show, as both he and Vaughn have a history together. It’s one that hasn’t been visited in a while, and it’s been an even longer time since their collaboration has resulted in good work but True Detective has a way of bringing out the best in everyone.

There’s no guarantee that Favearu will join the series, but even seeing him in an acting role would be great to see and may happen thanks to Vaughn.