Is True Detective obssessed with A-List talent?


True Detective is nearing the start of production on the second season of the show, but while the cast has finally been announced, not everyone is on board with what is happening.

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It’s not the all fans have a specific problem with Vince Vaughn or Colin Farrell, it’s that more A-List stars have been cast on a television show.

Christopher Hooten from The Independent raises an interesting point in that networks like HBO are now becoming obsessed with hiring A-List talent to be on their shows.

"The danger is that just as the major film studios have become obsessed with exclusively big budget projects that play well across the world, so could the cable channels and streaming services become tempted by the lucre of bankable hits rather than commissioning daring television.Would David Chase be able to cast a James Gandolfini today? Or would we be wondering which Oscar-winner was about to be the next to make the jump from film to TV?"

It’s an interesting question, as the roles on television that used to go to up and comers or lesser known actors are now going to well established film actors looking to stay with the evolving landscape. Movies are dying an on their way out but along with the relic of cinema, so too goes the opportunity to go from rags to riches through the world of television.