Are Expectations Too High for Vince Vaughn?


The second season of True Detective hasn’t even begun shooting yet but already there is general talk about what this could mean for Vince Vaughn’s career. The most direct comparison is, of course, Matthew McConaughey, who has enjoyed a career revival of sorts after his Emmy nominated performance in the first season. Vince Vaughn is in a similar state as McConaughey, and many people would like to see him take off once again.

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Due to the mass critical acclaim of McConaughey, the expectations for a similar situation with Vaughn are high. Perhaps too high, and certainly too soon. Not only are we setting ourselves up for disappointment, but putting so much early focus on Vaughn does the rest of the production and disservice.

Vaughn is mostly known for his comedic acting and his unique presence has made him a love him or hate him kind of actor, not unlike Matthew McConaughey. In the past, comedic actors have turned in some truly fantastic performances. Jim Carey in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind comes to mind, as does Robin Williams in almost any of his many dramatic rolls. Suffice it to say, there is great interest in whether or not we’ll see a “Vaughneissance”

The success of the first season colors the second, so high expectations are a given. But before we start calling 2015 the year of Vince Vaughn, we should at least wait for the first episode to air. Even if America doesn’t go through a Vince Vaughn love affair, his acting may still be great and worthy of the roll, but it will seem less so if we let our expectations run amok.