The Wire actor Wood Harris almost starred in True Detective


It seems that just about everybody wants a role in the new season of True Detective after the wild success of the first season, but not everyone jumped at a role the firs time around. One actor had a role on the show but ended up either passing or falling out, which might end up being one of the regrets of his career.

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The Wire actor Wood Harris, who is best known for his role as Avon Barksdale, was originally cast as one of the two detectives interviewing Rust and Marty about the 1995 Yellow King murders. A True Detective Reddit user stumbled upon the old article that noted Harris almost took the role in True Detective but apparently passed.

From Deadline back in 2013:

"Kittles, repped by APA and Circle of Confusion, replaces Wood Harris who was originally cast in the role. He recently co-starred in Lifetime’s highly-rated Steel Magnolias remake and in The Sapphires, recently acquired by the Weinstein Co."

Why Harris dropped out of the role isn’t really known but it serves as an interesting ‘what-if’ to the first season of the show. Given how tight casting is now for the series, it’s amazing to think that Harris was in the cast then fell out, but it’s not like he’s starving from those royalty checks coming in from that other hit HBO series.