Can We Expect More Literary References in Season Two?


The first season of True Detective was filled with literary references, the most famous being to Robert Chambers’ The King in Yellow. It added a unique strangeness to the first season and added a deeper thread, even if it was ultimately left unexplored. Even though answers are finally starting to role out, there are still many questions concerning True Detective’s second outing, and one of those is whether or not we’ll see something akin to The Yellow King.

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To succeed, season two has to follow the same line as the first but in a whole new way. That may mean ditching the literary references, if only because they were so dominant in the first season. On the other hand, there would be something disappointing in not have that same kernel of mystery.

There are ways to do it without having it revolve around the central plot, which would please fans of the first season while still doing something different. Even though we’re welcome to the major changes that season two will bring, it’s difficult to let go of this one.

Do you want to see more references in the second season, or has that trick been done already?