Will the Fargo/True Detective Rivalry Continue?


The post-season of True Detective saw numerous spoofs — which are still incoming — accolades, and endless comparisons to other hit shows. It also saw the spark-up of a rivalry with Fargo, largely waged by FX head John Landgraf. Landgraf was initially frustrated by True Detective’s Emmy submission as a Drama instead of a Miniseries. Fortunately, we haven’t heard much from that front in some time.

But there is always the future, right?

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Details about Fargo’s second season came quickly after the first ended, a stark comparison to True Detective, which is only just starting to get some serious traction. Fargo doesn’t have an official premiere date yet, but it may end up going head-to-head with True Detective. The fact that the two series are anthologies certainly doesn’t help.

Neither series creator has yet to step in the ring, and they’re better for it. It feels as if Fargo and True Detective are destined to be compared, especially after the Emmy’s. And if they’re set to air around the same time, expect things to heat up again if not from Landgraf’s side than at least various critics.

Highly rated series are constantly being compared to one another, so it would be naive to assume that nothing will come of this in the future. The only thing we can hope for is that if it is going to continue it, the creators stay out of it. Or else we might have something truly ugly on our hands.