True Detective is Part of a Golden Age of Television


The success of True Detective is due to fantastic acting, writing, and Emmy winning direction, there can be little doubt of that. But that same success is also indicative of what viewers are interested in watching today, and that tends to be compelling drama. Now is the perfect time for True Detective, when television is once again seen as a renowned art form instead of the lesser version of films.

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Along with other series such as Game of Thrones, Fargo, Hannibal, Mad Men, and The Walking Dead, True Detective is part of an artistic movement in television. This can also be seen in its use of A-list Hollywood actors who are not known for television work. Television has never been this compelling, and True Detective is part of it all.

Partly because of this current climate, but also possibly in part due to the specific success of True Detective, David Lynch was able to revive Twin Peaks in a time better suited to its dark twists and turns. Genre shows like True Detective can now be taken seriously, and also mocked relentlessly.

Speaking from a basis of constancy, it certainly looks as if TV is outshining films. True Detective did not start this trend, but it is another important stepping stone in the resurgence of good TV. Its effects can already be felt in other shows, and hopefully that will last for some time. If you weren’t watching True Detective or much TV at all before, there has been no better time to start.