True Detective Season 2: Cary Fukunaga to be Less Involved?


One of the first bits of news to break about True Detective’s second season was that Cary Fukunaga would not be returning as director. Instead, he would be taking on the role of Executive Producer and leaving the chair open to a rotating cast of directors. That might mean less involvement than we previously thought.

Gossip blog Showbiz 411 is reporting that they spoke to Fukunaga at the premiere of Tom Stoppard’s revival of The Real Thing (which is excellent, by the way,) and he had very little to say on the subject. He’ll be busy with other things instead:

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"“Promote the movie, maybe make another one. I’ve got some TV things lined up, too.”"

The movie in question is Beasts of No Nation, starring Idris Elba. This doesn’t mean that Fukunaga won’t be involved as an Executive Producer, but it may mean that this job will be far more hands off than previously thought. Fukunaga makes it sound more like a title than anything else. If so, that’s disappointing.

True Detective will stay as close to the look and feel of the first season as possible just for the sake of having some uniform in the series, but Fukunaga was one of the major contributors to the first season.

Does this possible news change your outlook about season two?