U2 Brings out a Special Guest for HBO Concert (Video)


U2 brought out Eagles of Death Metal at their Paris HBO special concert.

U2 was set to perform a well-hyped concert in Paris for their obnoxiously titled U2: iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour before the terrorist attacks forced the band to cancel. Fortunately for Parisian U2 fans, and fans across the world, U2 quickly rescheduled the date. The special will air tonight at 9:00, and U2 brought out Eagles of Death Metal to celebrate.

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Eagles of Death Metal was the band playing at the Paris venue, The Bataclan, which was the site of most of the horror. The band later granted a movie and difficult to watch interview to Vice, talking about the incident and how they can move forward as a band.

U2 were quick to send out their support for Paris and were photographed at a tribute in Pairs after the attacks. Inviting Eagles of Death Metal to perform with them is an incredible gesture that shows the strength of the human spirit. You can watch the currently best footage below:

As of right now there are only shaky YouTube videos of the two bands performing, but the concert can be seen in all of its glory tonight. In an attempt to look at the bright side of things, Eagles of Death Metal and U2 are two bands that would never in a million years have crossed paths previously. Watching the two bands perform is amazing, to say the absolute least.

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U2 and Eagles of Death Metal played “I Love You All the Time,” a song that the band has “donated” and is encouraging other bands to cover. The proceeds who to charity to help those affected.