Kathryn Bigelow is Hoping to Bring a new Series to HBO


The Hurt Locker director is teaming up with HBO for a new drama series.

HBO has certainly been lacking in the drama department, said nobody ever. Drama is HBO’s bread and butter — well, drama and Veep — and now it’s looking to add a new series to its ever-growing roster. According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO is looking into picking up a new series focusing on the recruitment of jihadists.

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The most interesting aspect about the project isn’t necessarily its plot; it’s that it has director Kathryn Bigelow attached. For her part, Bigelow wouldn’t be involved much more than the role of Executive Producer. Still, a series with her name attached could go far. Hopefully farther than her failed pilot for 2010 series The Miraculous Year.

Kathryn Bigelow has made a huge name for herself dealing in action-filled war films that have won numerous awards. In fact, it’s practically the only subject that she tackles anymore. Remember when she directed and wrote Near Dark, a pretty great 80’s vampire flick?

Or even Strange Days, a bonkers cyberpunk movie starring Ralph Fiennes. I digress.

The potential new series, titled The Recruiters, focuses on jihadi recruitment and will take place in Minnesota. It’s very early days for The Recruiters, which hasn’t even been greenlight for pilot production yet. If HBO at least picks up the pilot, it will be longer still to find out if it will go to series. We are still waiting on Lena Dunham’s Max, after all.

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Kathryn Bigelow’s last major film, Zero Dark Thirty, told the controversial tale about killing Osama bin Laden and was nominated for basically every award that exists.