Reminder: The Fifth Season of Girls Premieres This Weekend


Girls will premiere its fifth, and penultimate, season this Sunday.

Girls has been something of a rocky story for Lena Dunham. Its first season offered a compelling look at the leaves of modern 20-somethings before going off the rails in season two. Fortunately it has been able to recover, though much of its credibility has gone out the window. Girls is, at its worst, an endurance test to see how long it takes for Hannah to give up.

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At it’s best it’s a funny, sometimes poignant, sometimes frustrating, look at the lives of several damaged  and deeply dysfunctional people. While Girls has done well in the ratings for HBO, it hasn’t transformed into the same awards-eating monster that Veep has. This upcoming season will serve as the penultimate season, and therefore the countdown clock to see if all of the various storylines could possibly be tied up.

The newest trailer from several weeks ago will likely serve as the last before Sunday, so here it is for those that have yet to see it:

Thank god for the return of Elijah.

Season five will take place after Marnie’s wedding, but there will no doubt be much drama to work through. You know, like there always is. The only character who seems to have their life in order is Shoshanna, who moved decide t move to Tokyo at the end of season four. Girls did some shooting in Tokyo, so we’ll get to see Shoshanna in what feels like her natural, high-strung yet bubbly environment.

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The fifth season of Girls will premiere this Sunday, the 21st, at 10:00 PM EST.