HBO Picks up a Total of 94 Emmy Nominations


But will that actually translate to wins?

The Emmy’s have always been a big deal for HBO in the past, though its stranglehold on award season has lessened over the years. The 2016 Emmy nominations were relatively kind to HBO, but that doesn’t necessarily means it will be the big winner. The competition from other networks is tight, but still, HBO is leading the pack here.

Variety went ahead and did the heavylifitng to figure out the number of nominations per network, and HBO has a startling 94. So, yes, that is a lot. Many of those nominations, however, come from multiple actors nominated in the same category. Game of Thrones has also received a record number of nominations at 23, though acting awards for Game of Thrones — outside of Peter Dinklage — have historically been hard to come by.

Watch Game of Thrones win last year for Best Drama:

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Even the cancelled Vinyl scored two nominations, though neither of them are in acting categories. HBO may have scored the most nominations, but that doesn’t guarantee the most wins. It’s true that this year’s Emmy’s could be the best ever for Game of Thrones, but voters would have to concede that there are other great actors besides Peter Dinklage on it.

After HBO, Fox has the most nominations with 53, followed by FX with 47. FX specifically has significantly less shows nominated — and as always, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was completely snubbed — so it’s doubly impressive that it has so many nominations. HBO has the most productions in play, but that could end up hurting it in the long run due to weaker entries having to go up against true heavy-hitters like The People V. OJ Simpson.

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It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out in the end. If only The Night Of were eligible, but we’ll have to wait another year for that.