True Detective Could Return. Maybe. Who Knows?


HBO hasn’t totally given up on True Detective yet

The TCA (Television Critic’s Association) press tour is currently underway, and that means there is a lot of news coming in. One thing we didn’t expect to hear about, however, was True Detective. HBO’s anthology series experiment was derailed after season two, and outside some of some swirling rumors, hasn’t been heard from since.

Casey Bloys, the new Head of Programming at HBO, was asked to talk about True Detective. Boys was insistent the series isn’t dead, but also couldn’t really speak to what’s going to happen in the future:

"“I talked to Nic about it and both Nic and HBO are open to another season. I don’t think Nic has a take and he’s working on some other projects. We’re open to somebody else writing it and Nic supervising it. It’s a valuable franchise, it’s not dead, we just don’t have a take for a third season yet.”"

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So there you have it. The Nic he is referring to is creator, writer, and showrunner Nic Pizzolatto, who took a lot of heat after True Detective season two. Since then, he’s been underground. Then best thing that could happen for True Detective going forward would probably be to have Pizzolatto in some sort of other role and not be as critically, directly involved. That way the series can continue but he wouldn’t be giving up on his baby.

Now that we have The Night Of, True Detective isn’t the HBO crime series on everybody’s minds. There could be further development at HBO that also pushes True Detective out of the spotlight. Bloys doesn’t want to close the door on True Detective just yet, but there is also nothing new being worked on. Basically there really isn’t any new information here to speak of, just a general acknowledgement that it could return at some point in the future.

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There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, and by now True Detective fans have likely gotten used to waiting.

Via: Entertainment Weekly