Alan Ball is Hanging with HBO


Alan Ball’s new family drama series has been picked up

Alan Ball is something of HBO royalty. More so for Six Feet Under than for True Blood, but that’s an entirely different argument. This year celebrates the 15th anniversary of Six Feet Under, so there’s no better time for Alan Ball to renew his commitment to HBO. And that’s exactly what he has done.

According to Deadline, HBO has officially picked up a new untitled series from Alan Ball. Not only that, but Ball has also signed a new two-year agreement with HBO. The new series is a family drama (a sub-genre that Ball excels at) about the tensions of a multi-racial family. Oh, and one of the kids begins seeing things. That little twist feels a bit similar to the “ghosts” that haunt Six Feet Under, though there is a little tease that it could be mental illness.

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This isn’t the only project that Alan Ball has had kicking around; he also has a musical project with Elton John titled Virtuoso. Ball’s relationship with HBO has included a stint at Cinemax working on Banshee, though he did create that one. Since the end of Six Feet Under HBO has been missing a really good family drama show to take its place. That void is still empty, and it looks like it’s going to take Alan Ball to fill it.

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It’s early days for this untitled project, so there isn’t any casting information to share, let alone when we might actually see it. 2017, However, would be a healthy assumption, with 2018 probably being the worst case scenario. While this type of show might not be a ratings hit in HBO’s current series climate, hopefully it will draw enough attention to not get cancelled.

That’s assuming that it will be good, and we have no problem assuming that.