What’s Going on with Andrea’s dad on The Night Of?


Andrea’s dad could be into some Fargo level shenanigans

The Night Of has done so well because of its slow pace and believability. There are, of course, other reasons, such as the fleshed out characters and dark tone, but they all play second fiddle to the first two points. One character that we were reintroduced to in the last episode, Andrea’s dad, seems to be more of a player that we first imagined. But it stretches the limits of The Night Of’s believability.

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When we first meet Andrea’s dad (Don Taylor, but who cares?) he is reluctant to engage with Box about Andrea’s death. They had a bad relationship and he is only her stepfather. No big deal. We see a few glimpses of him after that, but none of any importance. Now he’s back in a big way, and the show is leading us down the path of him being the mastermind behind her murder. Perhaps he even hired Duade Reade to do the deed.

All of this work would be to his hands on Andrea’s inheritance. This potential plot line has more in common with FX’s Fargo than it does with the rest of the series. The main sticking point is that this is behavior that he has engaged in before; romancing older, richer women for their money. It’s both left-field and unoriginal.

That’s not to say that it couldn’t all work (again, assuming that The Night Of follows this thread) but it is relatively fantastical for a series that prides itself on its realism. Dare we say, it even has a hint of Law and Order to it.

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We’ll be seeing far more of Andrea’s dad over the course of the final two episodes, though what that could mean for Naz is a different story. Naz seems too far gone at this point to be able to comfortably readjust to life on the outside. But this thing with Andrea’s dad needs to be sorted out in a way that makes sense for The Night Of, and there is some worry at this point that it won’t be able to pull it off.