When will we see the First Westworld Figures?

Come on, we all know it’s a matter of time until we get Westworld figures

Westworld is everything that HBO promised that it would be and then some. The new series, only in its first season, has inspired fan fervor that hasn’t been seen since at least the first season of True Detective. It’s likely that there are many plans in store for the series as a franchise, and one of those plans just has to include Westworld figures.

Westworld is to sci-fi what Game of Thrones was to fantasy. There were rumblings that this could be the show to “save” sci-fi; to at least prove that it’s a viable genre for big networks. Not halfway through its first season, it has achieved that. It is therefore only a matter of time until HBO stretches its marketing prowess to include not only Westworld figures, but Westworld everything — just like you can get Game of Thrones wine glasses.

Check out a new clip centered on Maeve:

There currently aren’t any Westworld related items available for purchase on either the official HBO store or Amazon, but that’s not going to hold true for too much longer. This show will spark t-shirts, mugs, and yes, figures. Perhaps a figure of Teddy with optional damage pieces? That would be most appropriate at this point, at least considering the amount of times that he has been “killed” so far.

A figure of The Man in Black is an obvious pick, as is Delores. And then, of course, there will be POP figures. This is the kind of merchandising that will either set your heart alight or drive you crazy, depending on where your tolerance for market saturation lies. It’s still very early days for Westworld, and just about anything is possible. If this were the 90’s or early 00’s, there might even be a video game on the way. Not that Game of Thrones hasn’t had plenty.

It’s an exciting, new future for Westworld. And for merchandising rights.

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