Fans May Have Figured out Where Westworld Is Going


Casey Bloys says that Westworld fans are getting closer and closer to figure it all out. Also, renewal on the horizon.

Westworld has reached a certain pinnacle when it comes to its fandom. Fans have been busy trying to figure out all of its secrets practically before it first aired, and now they might actually be on to something. Maybe. We’re at that point in which a fandom is close to possibly running story elements for themselves due to obsessive theorizing. It’s all part of the fun, but there is a danger to it.

According to an interview at Variety with HBO’s Head of Programming, Casey Bloys, Westworld fans are starting to get awfully close to figuring out where the show is headed. He said as much when asked about all of the theories out there:

"“There are a lot of theories out there, and with some of them, I’ve been very impressed with how they’ve constructed the guesses. I’ll just say, they’re getting close.”"

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So there you have it. The fans really are on to something this time, so perhaps it’s time to be extra spoiler-wary when checking up on all of the latest theories. Bloys also teases that the second half of the seasons will be satisfying and that questions will actually be answered. That’s not something we totally expected.

When it comes to renewals, HBO is being cautious about it despite Westworld’s success:

"“I want to get a very complete picture of the ratings, which seem to be doing very well, so we’re happy with that…But right now I would say it’s looking really good. We’re very pleased with how it’s doing.”"

It’s possible that HBO wants to avoid a Vinyl situation by renewing too soon, even though Westworld is doing much better than Vinyl ever did. It’s all but confirmed that the second season is going to happen, but HBO wants all of their ducks in a row before they pull the trigger. That’s understandable, and the lack of an early renewal won’t take away from the excitement of the first season.

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The entire interview is worth your time — Bloys touches on the show’s violence and how he envisions other “tent pole” hour-long shows in the future.