The Young Pope is Coming in January

The Young Pope is coming this January and a second season is already in the pipeline.

HBO has been promoting The Young Pope like it was truly one of their own (HBO is only one of several producers.) Trailers for the new show have been airing every Sunday for the past few weeks, giving us a peek into the kind of world that would elect Jude Law as Pope. That would, as it turns out, is very House of Cards.

It was recently announced that The Young Pope will officially premiere on January 15th. Get ready for what looks to be some lushly filmed Pope action.

In addition to that, the Hollywood Reporter is reporting that a second season of The Young Pope is already in the cards. Producers are now just waiting for director and writer Paolo Sorrentino to finish writing the scripts before they actually give it the go-ahead. The Young Pope may not have premiered here just yet, but it is already airing in other countries, including both Germany and the U.K. The U.S. is a little late to the game on this one, but HBO likely didn’t want the new show to have to compete with Westworld.

The Young Pope stars Jude Law as Pope Pius XIII, the youngest Pope ever elected. Diane Lane (!!) stars as an  American nun who helped raise Pius (then known as Lenny Belardo) and helped him achieve his goal. Based on the trailer alone it’s impossible to not compare it to House of Cards, so hopefully it will be able to differentiate itself. HBO has so far not commented on the second season, but they are expected to once the details are ironed out.

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