Alan Ball Casts Holly Hunter in new HBO show


Alan Ball’s new drama is moving forward with Holly Hunter!

There are so any great series on HBO right now that one more would make us feel spoiled. Not that we’d decline, of course. Hopefully we’ll find that next drama in Alan Ball will be offering. The creator of Six Feet Under and True Blood is obviously quite familiar with HBO, and we’ve been waiting on this new show to get going for a while.

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Holly Hunter is the first actor to be cast, and it’s a choice we are over the moon about. She’ll be playing Audrey, a therapist with her own private practice that has had to reluctantly move into the “corporate world.” The new show doesn’t have a name yet but we do know that it will be about a multi-racial family with secrets and depression right around the corner. Alan Ball is comfortable with family dramas, and that tends to be what he does best, the best examples being American Beauty and Six Feet Under.

It’s fantastic that this new show is starting to take form and has skyrocketed to the top of the list of new shows that we can’t wait for. Yes, Ball also handled most of True Blood, though it never quite hit the same highs of Six Feet Under. The latter, by the way, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and Ball and some of the actors sat down for some great interviews about it.

Watch a trailer for Six Feet Under:

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There is no other information to share about the untitled project, but that’s not so bad considering what we know already. Hopefully it will continue to move along swiftly and we’ll have more news sooner rather than later. Right now the new series is expected to hit sometime in 2017, and we’re pretty sure it won’t have to compete with Westworld.