Divorce Recap: Weekend Plans

The uneasy peace that was discovered in last week’s holiday episode was quickly dissolved in ‘Weekend Plans,’ with the reveal of Robert’s financial crisis. Divorce has struggled with portraying Frances in a sympathetic light because her wrong doings were revealed so early in the series. Now that the show has begun to pull back the layers of each character, the audience is left with a complex yet flawed ensemble who are still attempting to define themselves.

Back in her attorney’s office, Frances learns the shocking truth that Robert has essentially left their family deeply in debt. She confesses that while she believed she deserved some form of punishment because of her affair, to be saddled with her soon to be ex-husband’s debt is unfair. Robert has been portrayed as a get-rich-quick kind of guy who follows his heart in business rather than focus on the actual logistics of running a business. While it seems a little absurd that his background on Wall Street wouldn’t help him understand the gravity of the financial trouble he’s left them in, it’s not entirely out of character. With this new information, France’s lawyer implores her to keep her emotions in check. This proves to be an impossible request.

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She immediately drives to one of Robert’s properties and begins to vandalize the house. It’s a short-sighted move considering that it will only cost her more to fix the damage that she’s just caused, but it feels good. Later at Tom’s birthday dinner, she chooses to privately yell at Robert for gambling away his children’s future. Frances knows that she has no choice but to pick up his debt, but she is entitled to at least express her indignation because his deception is on par with her affair.

“Dean Winters and Thomas Haden Church are pure gold together — a pairing that jolts Divorce to life.”

After receiving a pep talk from his attorney, Robert decides to sort himself out as well as get back on the saddle. Dean Winters and Thomas Haden Church are pure gold together — a pairing that jolts Divorce to life. Robert attempts to rekindle his “romance” (his relationship with her came off as one-sided from her perspective) with Kath,y however she rebuffs him immediately. With another rejection from a barista, Robert is feeling much lower than usual. His frustration about his divorce is beginning to come to a breaking point where he tells off Dallas while shopping. While he’s quick to apologize, as well as admit that he’s lonely, their small interaction already felt like a set up for a future romance. Both have been pushed away by the loved ones they hold close and neither seems to have any qualms with what the ramifications could be.

At the legal proceedings, Frances’ lawyer pretends to have a mini-stroke in order to make Tony Silvercreek feel overly confident. Tony’s cool-headed demeanor, however, rules out while Frances’ attorney looks like his “mini-stroke” may actually have been true. Despite the meeting not establishing anything of real importance for the actual proceedings of the divorce, Robert does finally get laid by a mom at his kids’ school. So there’s that. Turns out that moving on isn’t as easy as it seems, and Robert finds himself back on Frances’ doorstep. Yet the lies and mistrust that has boiled up between the two has finally overtaken the love they once had, and Frances chooses to close the door on that chapter of her life.

Divorce continues to be rocky at times, but it’s officially at the point of being an actually compelling series. ‘Weekend Plans’ brings out the best and worst of both characters, and that’s frequently what makes Divorce great.