What’s Going on with Westworld’s Timeline?

There is reason to believe that Westworld is not presenting us with a linear story.

There are plenty of mysteries left to chew on when it comes to Westworld, even though we recently got the answer to a big one. Almost all season we have been following three different storylines: one with Ford, one with Maeve, and the other with Dolores. Outside of the beginning episodes, these stories have not come together. Even though Maeve will be having a meeting with Bernard next episode, there is still a big question as to what exactly is going on with Dolores. And when.

There is a very popular fan theory spreading around that states that not only is William the Man in Black, but that he is actually 30 years apart from that particular character. That would mean that Dolores and William are actually exploring Westworld in the past, and the show is purposefully trying to confuse us. Now, whether or not you actually believe that William is the Man in Black is a little beside the point here — the fact that not only is Dolores “time jumping” but that her story is so removed from the others gives credence to the timeline theory.

Here is another puzzling scene:

The fact that Teddy continues to seek out Dolores is practically meaningless because, as a Host, not only does he never age, but he is also continuously reset. It’s possible that he’s looking for her in the future (or present, depending on your point of view) while the Dolores we know is in the past. So, yes, this theory does make the already complex Westworld even more complicated.

And there is the story of Maeve, which doesn’t have to fit into either of the other two discussed timelines. This is not something that is quite as obvious as Bernard being a Host, so we’re going to have to wait for the show to actually confirm it for us. If there is one question we want answered before the end of the season, it’s this one. In fact, consider it a necessity; we must know what is happening with Westworld’s timeline.

We’ll even accept the possibility that all of this is nonsense and we’ve been wrong the entire time. But we must know.