Divorce gets real in the Preview for ‘Another Party.’

Frances are Robert are ready to duke it out in the preview for Divorce’s 9th episode.

It wouldn’t be exactly accurate to say that Frances and Robert have been getting along on Divorce. Splitting up is difficult, especially with children, and they’ve been generally doing the best they can. Robert even took the fall for the whole thing in front of Frances’ parents. But those days are long gone. Now, Frances resents Robert’s (apparent) happiness, and even sabotaged her professional career to hurt him further. Episode 9, “Another Party,’ will continue to bring the pain.

It’s a wonder that Frances has kept her lawyer, Max Broadkin, for this long. He has already proved himself to be compromised because of his mini-stroke, and now it looks as if Robert’s misogynistic lawyer is going run roughshod over him. Robert, it turns out, does a lot of the typical parental duties. He doesn’t, however, connect with them on a more emotional level. Enter the twin Tooth Fairies.

It’s telling that when Frances states that she wants it to be civil, Robert look exasperated. There is also apparently some drama that goes down at school. A special kind of public drama, that is. Divorce is finally at the point that will find Frances and Robert fighting it out, if not in court, than with their own lawyers present. It’s not clear whether or not it will really get as far as court, especially in the first season. The situation hasn’t deteriorated quite that badly yet, but every week it seems to get just a little bit worse.

Still, the season finale is titled ‘Détente,’ so it’s important to keep that in mind. No matter how it shakes out, we know now that the battle for the children has begun, and Frances doesn’t exactly have a comfortable lead.