The Preview for Westworld Episode 10 is Everything we Want

Westworld’s season finale is a few short days away, and the preview doesn’t make that wait any easier.

There are so many questions left for Westworld to answer that the though that we’re actually at the season finale is incredible. How is it going to pull it off? Well, we don’t know exactly, but we do know it’s going to involve a longer runtime. The preview for Westworld episode 10, titled ‘The Bicameral Mind,’ plays as the best kind of hype trailer.

It’s a preview for a season finale, so it’s not any surprise that it’s not quite as informative as past teasers in terms of what we can expect. From the Ford voiceover we expect to get more information about the new mysterious narrative that he’s been working on. Outside of that there are mostly just quick flashes of scenes without much context. Yes, that’s a grave marker with Dolores’ name on it. Perhaps her death was/is part of a narrative? And hopefully we’ll find out the deal with the Man in Black when he talks to her.

We also see Ford in a fancy suit, a scene that comes off as rather sinister. The preview ends with Bernard (or maybe Arnold) saying the magic words: “these violent delights bring violent ends.” Perhaps that’s hinting that Arnold is responsible for that code phrase in the first place. For something that seemed to play such a big part in the first couple of episodes, we actually haven’t touched on it at all since then.

The preview does an excellent job of getting us excited (as if we weren’t already) and setting the stage for Sunday’s extra-long finale. It’s also worth keeping in mind that we don’t expect everyone to get out of this alive, though it does seem like a high number of characters have some sort of plot armor.