Westworld: Maeve’s Storyline is just as Confusing

Westworld’s new Host queen, Maeve, has perhaps the most complex plot line of all.

Between everything that’s going on with Dolores and the Man in Black, it’s easy to forget that Maeve’s storyline is actually just as, if not more, complex. It may appear easier to follow because it’s laid out in a seemingly more linear, fleshed out fashion. We have spent a lot of time getting to know Maeve in a way that we haven’t with Dolores or any of the other Hosts outside of Bernard. But that’s deceptive. There have actually been clear hints that everything with Maeve cannot be taken at face value.

We’re already comfortable with accepting the (supposed) fact that Westworld’s timeline is a bit of a mess. Dolores and William are in the past, and the Man in Black and Teddy (RIP, again) are in the future. Maybe. But what about Maeve? That has never actually been clear, and for a while it was taken for granted that Maeve’s story was taking place in the same timeline as the Man in Black’s. Twice now, however, she has stated to different characters that certain events have happened before. In her new souped up state she has access to information and abilities that no other Host has, perhaps allowing her to more clearly recall past events.

In a scene with Bernard she remarks that she and him had talked before. Not only that, but she also knows that he’s a Host. Later on, with Hector, she confirms that all of this is familiar after he brings up a feeling like deja vu. So what’s going on here? Has Maeve tried all of this before? Maybe. It’s impossible to know just about much she actually knows. It’s difficult to try to work out exactly what she means.

Ford has proven again and again that he is omnipotent when it comes to matters in  the park, so it’s odd that he wouldn’t know about Maeve yet. He could be allowing her to continue, similar to the Man in Black. But there’s something suspicious about that. The final episode promises answers, but Maeve’s story of conquest and freedom seems destined for season 2. When it comes to Westworld, we can’t take anything for granted.