Westworld: Felix and Sylvester have to be Hosts

The first season of Westworld is over, but that doesn’t mean we’re done figuring out its many mysteries.

Westworld’s finale may not have wrapped everything up, but it was satisfying in how it all came together. Watching each plot line connect at the end was not only impressive, but it helped cement the show as a must-watch. One particular story, however, that needed a little more suspension of disbelief, was Maeve’s. A major component of Maeve’s quest for power was Felix and Sylvester, the two lab techs that helped her along the way. But for everything to work, those two have to be Hosts. Or it all falls apart.

In the final episode, Bernard told Maeve that she had been following a plan the entire time. It was part of her narrative for her to gain power and try to rebel, but she wasn’t able to access the truth. That jives with the rest of the episode, in which we found out that Ford had constructed pretty much everything. Maeve’s story is so dependent on the help of Felix and Sylvester — both named after cats, by the way — that it’s not something that could have been left to chance. For it to work, both of them had to have been Hosts. Their cute names could also be (and probably are) a subtle nod at the audience.

If they weren’t, it’s far too difficult to believe that Maeve would have been able to achieve everything that she did. Two hapless techs behave the exact way that Ford would need them to for Maeve’s story to play out? Probably not. It would also make sense for Ford to have Hosts service other Hosts. This would explain why the two are never interrupted; Ford already knows about it and everything is going to plan.

This particular mystery might not end up being all that important for season 2. Westworld is moving on, and even though Maeve will undoubtedly be a major player on season 2, the particulars to how she got to where she is right now are not necessarily important. But the only way season 1 works is if both of Maeve’s knuckleheads were Hosts.